Humans of the World.

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French designer Adrien Colombie plans to travel the world this summer to conduct what he calls "an artistic survey of Earth's inhabitants." For each day of his yearlong trip, he'll interview a stranger, collecting stories, signatures, and fingerprints - when he's done, he'll share fifty of his favorites in a book titled Humans of the World. Love this idea, and can't wait to see the final result. 

Track Adrien's journey on Facebook, here. Learn more at Indiegogo.

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  1. what a great idea! can't wait to see the end result either!

  2. so inspiring. love the idea.

  3. Katie, so inspiring, yes! Kind of makes me want to start talking to strangers more often here in NY :)

  4. Neat concept. I would love to be able to spend a year traveling the world.

  5. this is so cool! of course i love it

  6. Love this idea... I want to do it!

  7. Hi everyone! Thank you for all your comments, it's very encouraging! You can follow the project right there and also on the indiegogo page ;)

    See you soon!

  8. I love that he asks people for their fingerprints, and I can't believe he's not sharing all his interviews. I imagine it will be hard to narrow so many undoubtedly interesting encounters to 50.

    And, I'm so curious about that string hopper mold. I need to see it in action!

  9. I love this idea of giving strangers voices :) I follow Humans of New York on facebook and love it, I always expect you to pop up in the photos one day!

  10. Adrien, thank you!!

    Kathy, I'll share results when I try it out!

    Fee, I'd be so honored :)



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