Losing Familiarity.

A quote to start the week, from James Hillman via Modern Hepburn: Anytime you're gonna grow, you're gonna lose something. You're losing what you're hanging onto to keep safe. You're losing habits that you're comfortable with, you're losing familiarity.

As I've written many times, one of the biggest challenges of my twenties has been learning to embrace discomfort. To my surprise, though, I've found that some of my lowest moments have been precursors to great discoveries: stronger friendships, more inspiring work, new adventures at every turn. (Related reading: triumphs, magic, staying upright.)

Have a happy Monday. Photos by Max Wanger.


  1. I guess nobody likes the feeling of loss and that makes change hard, if only we could focus on what comes out of loss :) Lovely insights to start the week with!

  2. That quote resonates so much for me. Thank you for sharing this :-)

  3. this is lovely, thank you.

  4. I hadn't heard of him before, but I love what he has to say - so glad you did, too!

  5. I love this quote. Thank you for posting.



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