Buses, Boats, Seaside Cliffs.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mom, I'm afraid of growing up, what if I am poor and cannot afford a house? asks photographer Wenxin Zhang, whose Thisispaper photo essay, "Goodnight Stories," depicts various alternative living situations in San Francisco. As someone who writes regularly about interiors, I love these glimpses into less conventional homes. For instance, this is an old hotel, inhabited by nine people:

And this is someone's garage. 

Why not live on a bus, draped in sheepskins? 

Or a boat?

Or, as Zhang puts it, "just find a wood pallet and live on a sea cliff"? 

I once made a (very) temporary home in an RV on someone's front lawn in New Zealand while I was WWOOFing. I also spent my last year in college in a giant purple and yellow Victorian house in Santa Cruz, with rickety stairs and unreliable heat. I have such beautiful memories of those places. Where have you lived that's stuck with you?

See the full story at Thisispaper, here. All photos by Wenxin Zhang. Happy Wednesday!


little t said...

In my second year in University, I lived in the coldest, dampest house imaginable. The smell of damp, more than the actual cold, annoyed me so much that I burned scented candles pretty much 24/7. It's weird though... I'd never live there now but I do have fond memories of that year.

Anonymous said...

Well, this is awesome.

Kelly said...

great idea for an essay. i love this - especially the old hotel!

Shoko said...

Thelma, that's how I feel about the Santa Cruz house, too!

max said...


Ione said...

Awesome idea. I love these glimpses into other people's lives.

Daina Ankrum said...

During college I lived in a carriage house with two girlfriends in the middle of Hell's Kitchen. I didn't know carriage houses were even in NYC before I discovered mine, and I loved living there so much. It was amazing to be in the middle of such a busy neighborhood, yet be in our own personal little courtyard with a two-level home. Definitely one of my most memorable NYC apartments!

dale megan said...

the guy in that top pic is my ex boyfriend!



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