Magic Markers.

I don't often use bookmarks, but I'd make an exception for these, which were created by Turkish designer Ethem Onur Bilgic in honor of four enduring literary classics. That orange curlicued tentacle is my favorite. It's peculiar, and just perfect.

This week, I'm getting ready to spend the rest of the month in LA with my family for the holidays. On my vacation reading list: The Reason I Jump, The Goldfinch, and my friend Victoria's amazing memoir, This is How You Say Goodbye. What's on yours? Any recommendations? 

See more at the designer's website, here. Found via The Coolector.


  1. I on-board with anything that coordinates themes. Love these! Great find!

  2. So cute! These remind me of a bookmark that Toby has - it's metal, with an airplane at the top of it that he chews on as he's reading. Which is awesome, because I hear that chewing on metal is super good for your teeth. =]

    I leave LA on the 20th to head back to Minnesota for Christmas, but if you're around/free before then, let me know! Maybe we + Cassie could meet up for a drink or something.

  3. I'd love to frame these bookmarks and hang them on the wall!

    I've been feeling a little nervous about how I'm going to fill up time on my flight to South Africa on Friday (17 hours and no wifi...), and have loaded up my Kindle with The Goldfinch, as well as Nick Hornby's Ten Years in the Tub: A Decade Soaking in Great Books, Alice Munro's Too Much Happiness, David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas, and Bobcat and Other Stories (thanks for the recommendation!). Some recent good reads have been Ryunosuke Akutagawa's Rashomon and 17 Other Stories, and Elaine Dundy's The Dud Avocado.

  4. I love the Moby Dick one!

  5. Rachel, haha! That's amazing. And yes! I would love to meet up! I'll email you.

    Kathy, that would be so beautiful! And oh my gosh, seventeen hours…at least you have a hefty reading list! Let me know how you like Bobcat, and Cloud Atlas, too - it wasn't my cup of tea but I know so many people who love it!

  6. Those sound like excellent books, please let us know how they are! I just started reading Into the Wild.

  7. Framing them is such a great idea!



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