Holiday Gift Ideas 1: Bobcats, Mermaids, Tiny Mountains.

Tis the season: every day this week, I'll be posting ten holiday gift ideas - fifty total by Friday. This year, I aimed to feature items from small businesses (Etsy and otherwise), or my favorite local  shops here in NYC. Other items are things I own and love.

Day 1: Bobcats, Mermaids, Tiny Mountains.
-Bobcat and Other Stories, $14.95. One of the best books I read this year - and one of the strangest.

-Mermaid Sea Salt Spray, $22. My friend Megan and I love this rose-scented sea salt hair spray. We douse ourselves in it in hopes of becoming mermaids - it hasn't happened yet, but we'll keep trying.

-Three Stars Champagne Chalk, $11. This chalk is made by a German company over a century old using natural chalk deposits from Champagne, France.

-Tiny Snow-Capped Mountains and Sky Earrings Set, $55. Two moons, a cloud, and three snowy peaks, made to order. 

-Ceramic Incense Yurt, $62. This four-by-four-inch yurt is made in New York; its cousins the beehive and the teepee are pretty sweet, too.

-Mast Brothers Chocolate Chips, $19. The Mast Brothers chocolate factory is in my neighborhood. Sometimes I visit on my way to the train, just to take a deep breath in. 

-Red Jumping Leopard Dreamcatcher, $85. I love everything about this.

-Vintage movie camera, $42. It no longer works, but it'd be beautiful on a bookshelf.

-Starlight mug, $24. Handmade by Marina Temkin, brushed in blue, speckled in stars.

-Fingers Crossed lino print, $26.95. An image full of hope, from one of my Etsy favorites, Kaye Blegvad.


More to come tomorrow. In the meantime, I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving! With many of our friends out of the city, Megan and I had what we called a Tiny-giving, with a little roast chicken, the tiniest blue potatoes you've ever seen, and a cranberry sauce we made from scratch. It was cozy and quiet and the second Friendsgiving in a row that felt - despite its hodgepodge nature - pretty close to perfect. How was yours?


Meghan Silva said...

Love these options... what can I say the chocolate gift had my full attention.


tara said...

Fun! I love seeing people's gift ideas. That chalk is so cool!

Daina Ankrum said...

What a fun series! Looking forward to seeing new gift ideas all week!

dee said...

would you say that the sea salt hair spray is wearable in the winter? or would that be too much?

omgosh at that mug tho! <3

Anonymous said...

I love the earrings and the mug. I've been obsessed with mugs and plates lately, even though I don't currently have a coffee maker (it's coming up next on the big ticket, just moved into an apartment list, though). And plates, well, I just want to own a bunch of different ones instead of being all matchy matchy.

little t said...

Love this! - and looking forward to the rest.

angela said...

Great gifts items, I love the mug!!

Akiko said...

So many goodies..! I want to have Chocolate Chips (for myself), and just visited their website to see how it looks inside, haha. Hope you're having a nice holiday time, shoko! xo akiko
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Anonymous said...

i love it all and i want to read that book!

Shoko said...

Dee, I think so! I often wear ear muffs with my hair down, and I'd prefer it to be mermaid-like, whatever the season :)

Akiko, I hope you are, too! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

OH MY I'm obsessed with those mountain earrings! So so cute. Love the small business focus:) xo!


Rachel @ Existation said...

Oh heeeeyyyy, guess how many of your gift suggestions I am going to buy? SO MANY. That's how many. Great recommendations thus far, Shoko.

Jaclyn (cinnamon street) said...

I want to try that mermaid spray. Love the variety here!

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