In this week's Equals Record post, reflections on "Friendsgiving." (Below, a few photos from the night - turns out, seating fourteen people in a New York City living room is no easy feat!)

As always, a short excerpt: "To accommodate our many guests, we placed an old desk—which normally holds turntables and a hodgepodge of vinyl records—at the end of our dining table (mismatched tablecloths covered the dings and scratches). A lack of proper silverware forced us to get creative, using spatulas as serving spoons, ladles as ice cream scoops. And the food. There were two stuffings. Six pies. Enough cranberry sauce to feed a football team. This is what happens, I learned, when a group of fourteen collaborates on dinner. It was the first Thanksgiving I’ve ever hosted (or co-hosted, as it were), and the first I’ve spent away from family. With our ever-fluctuating guest list, disorganized menu, and relative lack of space, I wondered beforehand whether the night would end up feeling like a real Thanksgiving."

Read the rest, here, and find the archive for my column, Looking Forward, here. Thank you so much for your support! Have a lovely Wednesday.

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