Looking Back.

I'm sure many creative people would agree: looking back on work you did in the past can be painful - and painfully embarrassing. I often have a hard time reading things I wrote years, months, days, or even hours ago (my high school journals, described below, fall into this category without question). More on the notion of looking back, this week on the Equals Record. 

As always, an excerpt: "In high school, I filled two large, spiral-bound books with what I referred to as my thoughts on 'reality, rebellion, and rock ‘n’ roll.' I wrote extravagant, long-winded essays – all by hand, a feat I can hardly fathom now – on art, and music, and the meaning of life. I cataloged regrets, made lists of goals, and — because I was, in the end, a teenager — diligently made note of each and every movement made by the floppy-haired boy who sat behind me in math. (Taped to one page of the journal was a tiny balled-up clump of paper he threw in class one day, intending to hit the back of a friend’s head. It landed on my desk instead and I saved it, convinced its altered course was a sign.)"

Read the rest on the Equals Record, here. You can find past entries from my weekly column, Looking Forward (about the ups and downs of "growing up" in my twenties), here. Thank you so much for reading!

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