Canadian artist Marisa Swangha loves books. Items in her Etsy shop, Modulem, include photographs of vintage paperbacks arranged by color; "instant libraries" like this one; and the garlands pictured below, which were made using the pages of various books, including "Modern Physics," "The English Patient," and a French biography of Fran├žoise Sagan.

Warns Marisa: "Artwork will be wildly attractive to small children or beings with paws - so remember to display at appropriate height."

See more at Modulem, here. Happy Thursday!


  1. Things like this just make me want to be more creative and utilize some found objects. I could make something like this (maybe Christmas presents?).

    Lovely find, once again.

  2. These are sweet! I love the warning.

  3. Hannah, yes, that's a great idea!

    Angela, "beings with paws" - that was my favorite part :)



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