Giving Thanks.

This week on the Equals Record: giving thanks for the most challenging year of my life.  

As always, an excerpt from the new post: "There’s no elegant way to put what I’m about to say: for much of my life, things have more or less fallen into my lap. It’s almost embarrassing to admit, though I can certainly claim very little credit for the way things have happened in my life. My friends call it Shoko luck, and it’s something I’ve always been reluctant to acknowledge, for fear of completely jinxing it—whatever it is...'I’m just lucky, I guess,' has forever been my sheepish explanation. This year, though, things have been different."

See the post in its entirety on the Equals Record, here

I'll be taking Thanksgiving off from blogging (I'm hosting a "Friendsgiving" at my apartment this year!), but I couldn't leave without extending a huge, heartfelt thank you to all of you - many of whom I've never met - who have supported me and encouraged me and made me feel so welcomed in this community. I'm so lucky to know you. Wishing you all a very happy Thanksgiving.

PS: For New Yorkers - more ways to help those still hurting after Hurricane Sandy. 

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  1. Thank YOU Shoko! It's a joy to read your blog and wonderful writings. It sounds like you are in an exciting time in your life. Here's to more luck! Happy Thanksgiving :)


  2. Shoko,thanks for posting it. I've feel very identified with you in a very long period of my life. Is life that come to meet us!

  3. Beautifully written blog post - there's something to be said for embracing both the beauty and terror of life (and certainly not easy to do). Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  4. You're welcome. And right back at you! You have continued to support me and encourage me and make me feel welcome. Have a happy Friendsgiving!

  5. Thanks, guys - have a great holiday!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Shoko! I love the "friendsgiving"...that seems so very you. ;) xoxo

  7. Happy Thanksgiving Shoko! I just read your post over at the equals record.... I can SOOOO relate to the anxiety. :( And that came all of a sudden into my life when I was 27. My first attacked paralized me for 30 min. I thought I was having a stroke....since then I have one every 4-6 months now and it's scary and dark.... the weird thing about them though is that I wonder why I didn't ever have them growing up. I wasn't one of those lucky kids with a great was also pretty dark and depressing [a story ill share with you when we meet in person someday, if you like :/...] anyways, I don't know exactly how dramatically things have shifted for you this past year...but do know that you are clearly loved, this I know by the comments I read from your readers. You must know that your blog is one of my favorites... so far from narcissistic and so refreshing and real. When I make it back to NYC again I would love to meet you in real life. :) Till then...have a wonderful Thanksgiving AND a BIG thank you for posting about my Heirloom Bear Blanket! xoxo

  8. Amazing post..again. I have to say these past 2 years have been one of my most dramatic and happiest so far. I'm still learning and "growing up" and at times it gets scary and frustrating but at the end of the day I'm thankful for being able to graduate and get a job fairly quickly and still be able to do a bit of travelling every now and then.

    I find that as long as you are happy, everything will be ok.

    Happy thanksgiving!

  9. that quote is really lovely and puts into words exactly how I feel...and up until now it all has been relatively easy for me as well....until this past year.
    Not that I don't know what hard work entails, but I had a nice reality slap lately but it just makes me want to work harder :)
    Happy thanksgiving! I'm also going to a "friendsgiving" event!

    Eat lots!


    <3 Y from theferrytale

  10. Happy Thanksgiving. Looking forward to reading your post.

  11. Nina, I love that - thank you! :)

    Roxy, thanks so much for sharing that. And thanks also for your incredibly kind words - I'm so honored that you enjoy the blog. Yours has always been one of my favorites, as well! :) Until we do one day meet in person, I look forward to following along and admiring your work from afar!

    Jo, sounds like we had similar experiences this year. And you're so right - finding things to be happy about in spite of the challenges is totally key!

    Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!



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