Holiday Gift Ideas 2: Smiles, Sage, First Powered Flight.

Tis the season: every day this week, I'll be posting ten holiday gift ideas - fifty total by Friday. This year, I aimed to feature items from small businesses (Etsy and otherwise), or my favorite local  shops here in NYC. Other items are things I own and love.

Day 2: Smiles, Sage, First Powered Flight.

-Asymmetrical Beaded Plant Hanger, $50. Made with hemp and vintage polymer beads. I'd like to hang one off the canopy of my bed.

-Stitch-a-Smile Set, $8. A token of good cheer, for the new year and beyond.

-Big Sur Cabin Spray, $65. Because I'm often nostalgic for California, and because I can't resist this description of its scent: driving down the coastal highway along 500-foot ocean cliffs and through misty Redwoods, the smell of wild sage and sea mist in the air.

-Vintage poetry book, $17. A collection of Mikhail Lermontov's poetry (in Russian), printed in the 60s. I have to confess, I'm not familiar with the poet or his work, but I love the ruby-red cover and its mysterious words.

-Mexican fabric, one yard, $9.50. I've spent more time than I'd care to admit perusing this Etsy shop's wares, gaping at the colors.

-Guillow's 1903 Wright Flyer model kit, $32.01. Build a laser-cut model of the 1903 Wright Flyer, become inspired, create a world.

-2014 Eat Local Calendar, $30. Celebrate seasonal produce with kaleidoscopic odes to nature's bounty. Illustrated by Oakland artist - and my new friend - Maria Schoettler. 

-Gold julep strainer, $30. In frosty December, a reminder of summer.

-Mighty Asterisk, $18.95. Apparently this wooden treasure is a puzzle, and a very difficult one at that. Try your hand, or just admire its charm.

-Washi bandages, $6.50. The prettiest Band-Aids in all the land.


More tomorrow! For yesterday's guide (featuring mermaids, Champagne chalk, and a starlit mug), click here


  1. The problem with your gift guides, dear Shoko, is that I don't want to gift these items to anyone other than myself... It's a problem. I always feel so GREEDY this time of year because I just want everything! ugh.

  2. LOVE your gift guides... things I never even knew I needed in my life. I would love the poetry book!

  3. Another set of beautiful ideas. The only thing better is your descriptions. xo

  4. I'd love the cabin spray! Sounds so lovely.

  5. Auste, Little T, Alex: thank you! I'm so glad you like them! They're so much fun to put together.

    Kelly, that description!

  6. Also! If the gold strainer is sold out at Whisk, you can order one here:

  7. loving these guides.

  8. I'm loving your guides! I've already got my eye on that calendar and far too many yards of Mexican fabric (maybe I'll make a skirt??).

  9. Mmm, I might buy that Big Sur cabin spray for myself...

  10. For some reason, buying a new calendar has turned into something of a ritual for me. There are just so many cool options out there! I really like this Eat Local calendar. It's totally up my alley and the illustrations are so beautiful!

    Also, that Anais Nin quote in the post above is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.



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