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Holiday Gift Ideas 2: Smiles, Sage, First Powered Flight.

Tis the season: every day this week, I'll be posting ten holiday gift ideas - fifty total by Friday. This year, I aimed to feature items from small businesses (Etsy and otherwise), or my favorite local  shops here in NYC. Other items are things I own and love.

Day 2: Smiles, Sage, First Powered Flight.

-Asymmetrical Beaded Plant Hanger, $50. Made with hemp and vintage polymer beads. I'd like to hang one off the canopy of my bed.

-Stitch-a-Smile Set, $8. A token of good cheer, for the new year and beyond.

-Big Sur Cabin Spray, $65. Because I'm often nostalgic for California, and because I can't resist this description of its scent: driving down the coastal highway along 500-foot ocean cliffs and through misty Redwoods, the smell of wild sage and sea mist in the air.

-Vintage poetry book, $17. A collection of Mikhail Lermontov's poetry (in Russian), printed in the 60s. I have to confess, I'm not familiar with the poet or his work, but I love the ruby-red cover and its mysterious words.

-Mexican fabric, one yard, $9.50. I've spent more time than I'd care to admit perusing this Etsy shop's wares, gaping at the colors.

-Guillow's 1903 Wright Flyer model kit, $32.01. Build a laser-cut model of the 1903 Wright Flyer, become inspired, create a world.

-2014 Eat Local Calendar, $30. Celebrate seasonal produce with kaleidoscopic odes to nature's bounty. Illustrated by Oakland artist - and my new friend - Maria Schoettler. 

-Gold julep strainer, $30. In frosty December, a reminder of summer.

-Mighty Asterisk, $18.95. Apparently this wooden treasure is a puzzle, and a very difficult one at that. Try your hand, or just admire its charm.

-Washi bandages, $6.50. The prettiest Band-Aids in all the land.


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