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Happy February.

Three things I'm looking forward to this month: starting ballet class (my friend, Jamie, and I signed up for a six-week workshop and I'm beside myself with excitement),

embarking on more outer-borough dining adventures such as this one,

and getting one month closer to becoming an aunt for the second time. (My brother and sister-in-law, Margaux, are expecting a baby boy in March.) Speaking of which, we have a question for you...

...though the baby's arrival date is just weeks away, he's still without a name. While we've all thought of dozens of girls names we love, the perfect boy's name has proven much harder to come by. What are some of your favorites? They need help, and the clock's ticking...

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!  

Photos of Margaux via Max's Instagram. You can find me on Instagram at @my_shokoko.

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