This week on the Equals Record: things I believed as a child that I now know aren't true. It's one of the sadder posts I've written thus far, but sadness, I've learned, often opens doors to understanding.

An excerpt from the post: "When I was little, I thought hiccups could be captured in a tiny invisible box. I believed that if I thought hard enough—imagined myself sitting on the box, and nailing it shut, and applying a layer of glue, and locking it tight—they could be smothered, extinguished, conquered. I also believed that the food on my plate had feelings, and would be hurt if I didn’t eat it. And that somewhere in the world, dinosaurs still existed. And that one day, I might grow up to be a mermaid."

Read the rest, here. You can find the archive for my weekly column, Looking Forward (about the ups and downs of "growing up" in my twenties), here. Thanks so much for your support!

Bottom image via I Am Glad To Be Your Nightmare.


  1. This is amazing. Off to read the rest.

    I thought the moon followed me. Just me. How self absorbed are little kids? haha

  2. This one is so tender... so thoughtfully imaginative. And these experiences that color our adult worlds are the meat of our ability to connect to one another - why stories like Peter Pan and the Toy Story series have resonated with children and adults alike.

    As always, thanks Shoko.

  3. Oh wow Shoko. I really really loved this one.

    And I especially love the things that you say about realizing aren't true as you're older.

    This was so cool. The hiccup part was so cute!!

  4. Thank you, Jacquelyn - and I love that bit about the moon :) So sweet.

    Layla, beautifully put. Thank you!

    Tara, thanks so much for reading, as always!

  5. This is one of my favorite posts of yours. So beautiful. And sad.

    Today I deleted a bunch of blogs I follow because all they do is tell me what I should be wearing, or post pretty photos that link me to other fashion blogs, etc. And I realized what I really appreciate about the remaining blogs are words that aren't lazy. Thanks for not being lazy with your words. It inspires me.

  6. this is beautiful and so thoughtful. thanks for sharing!

  7. What a cute photo :) :) :)

  8. Thank you, everyone! Rose, that's a wonderful compliment, thank you so much.

  9. what a beautifully written are one of my favorite writers. cute pix, too!

  10. You were such an adorable little girl! (No surprise there!)

    I loved this post. So sweet, and good to remember how magical children's imaginations are.

    I used to believe that people in the TV could also see me- therefore, I would make sure to smile extra coyly at the cute boys. :)



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