Ears, Elves, & Illustrated Etiquette.

Three things to share before the weekend: hats with ears (I'd like to find something like the gray hat below and center my entire wardrobe around it for the remainder of winter),

slices of cake the size of thumbprints and doughnuts meant for elves (brilliant creations by the Unconfidential Cook - the doughnuts are actually decorated Cheerios),


and a guide to kissing, written by a seventeen-year-old in 1976, and illustrated nearly forty years later by her daughter, artist Hallie Bateman.

Hope you all enjoy the weekend! What are your plans? I'm going to a friend's apartment tonight for cocktails, catching up with my pal Bekka over pie, and attending a love-themed film festival in Bushwick - why not extend Valentine's Day a few extra days?

Have a wonderful long weekend, and I'll see you Tuesday!

Top images via Arletta Queen and the always-inspiring Le Blog de Betty.

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