Oh, Freddie.

I know it's Monday. I know it's early. I know many of you are at your desks at work. But if you have a spare moment at any point today (or tomorrow, or the next day, or this week), you must watch Queen's performance of "Somebody to Love" from the excellent concert film Queen: Rock Montreal. I promise you, you will love it.

Have you ever played the "fantasy dinner party" game, where you're asked to name who you'd invite to dinner if you could choose anyone, dead or alive? I could go on for days with my list, but it'd definitely be musician-heavy: Patti Smith, Keith Richards, Pete Townshend, Bob Dylan - and, of course, this guy below. Who's on your list?


You can watch Queen: Rock Montreal, streaming on Netflix or on iTunes. Big thanks to my parents for clueing me in! Happy Monday, everyone.

Photos by Neal Preston/Queen Productions Ltd.


  1. One of the best rock n roll front men ever...all the greats leave us too early.

    On a happier note, my dinner guests would be Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Bob Dylan, Anthony Bourdain and Bill Waters (creator of Calvin & Hobbes). :)

  2. one of the best guys ever out there in this music world. one of my faves from queen has to be "don't stop me now". dinner guests would have to be audrey hepburn, natalie wood, julie andrews, frank sinatra, dean martin, oh and judy garland.

  3. Ooo...thanks for this! Just added to my Netflix queue. Love me some Freddie Mercury and I enjoy the Queen Pandora station when I want something to sing along to.

  4. The timing of this post is crazy! I hadn't listened to Queen in awhile (like months), so this weekend I pulled up the Queen: Live at Wembley Stadium on youtube and listened/watched while studying. I love watching footage of Freddie performing.

  5. Queen is SO GOOD! I've been secretly listening/watching that documentary in the library all day. I'd definitely want Patti Smith at my dinner table, too! Also, Atul Gawande, Charles Bukowski, Anais Nin (Can you imagine the kind of interaction between Bukowksi and Nin?!), David Foster Wallace, Roald Dahl, and Tupac.

  6. His voice...can't even handle how amazing it is. What a guy.

  7. Nina, Anthony Bourdain - yes! He'd make my list, too!

    Lydia, can I be invited, too? :)

    Stephanie, I haven't seen that! Will definitely look it up!

    Kathy, oh my goodness. Dream list. How could I have forgotten Roald Dahl?!

  8. Somebody to love is my favourite Queen song! I know I will be humming this tune all day tomorrow which might bring me weird stares from my colleagues.

    Surprisingly I have yet to play the dinner party game. Now you've got me thinking. Hmm...

  9. I cannot tell you how much I love Freddie Mercury. My parents listened to Queen throughout my entire childhood and I became obsessed myself growing up in the 90s after he passed away. such an icon!

    and I always play that game in my mind of who I'd invite for dinner. Musician-wise Bob Dylan would absolutely be on it. As well as John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, Shakira, Mick Jagger, Kurt Cobain, Celia Cruz, David Bowie, Stan Getz, Frank Sinatra, Jay Z....the list is endless.



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