Mel Scouts.

I don't shop for jewelry often - most of what I wear are family heirlooms - but I do love perusing flea markets and vintage stores when I can. So does Northern California-based Melody Yip, whose Etsy shop Mel Scouts is equal parts cute and quirky. And I love the oddball names (including the one given to this leather wallet: "Let Them Have Triple Decker Black Forest Cake").

A few favorite items: a charm bracelet commemorating the 1962 World's Fair in Seattle, a grouse bird print silk scarf, and a gold cocktail ring riddled with holes. See more at Mel Scouts, here.

Also, I had the pleasure of submitting a travel-related guest blog post to Natalie's beautiful blog, which you can find here (if you're not already sick of hearing me talk about milking goats).

Happy Tuesday!

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