Sweet Thing: S'more Bakery.

Ever since posting about the Kitchy Kitchen's S'meaches recipe earlier this month, I've had s'mores - or, more specifically, fancy s'mores - on the brain. So, naturally, my heart skipped a beat when I spotted the S'more Bakery stand this past weekend at Smorgasburg, an outdoor food flea market in Williamsburg.

By this time, I'd already downed a lobster roll and an enormous passion fruit doughnut (what a breakfast!), but I couldn't help myself - I ordered the Salted Sailor, which substitutes salted caramel for chocolate,

and the more traditional S'morgasm, which marries a bourbon-Madagascar vanilla marshmallow with semisweet chocolate ganache and two homemade honey graham crackers. 

Both delicious. Even after all that snacking, I could have easily had a third (S'more Bakery's full menu features peanut butter, chocolate hazelnut, and coconut varieties, as well as a large selection of flavored marshmallows - I'm curious about the Earl Grey). Or maybe I'll give gourmet s'mores a try at home - I'd welcome any excuse to whip up a batch of these again!

Read more about S'more Bakery, here.

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