Sweet Thing: La Churreria.

A churro, for me, conjures many happy memories of summer: waiting in line under the blistering sun at Disneyland; sitting bare-legged in the grass at the neighborhood park, dusting sugar off my knees. Years later, now an adult, my churro consumption has dropped considerably. But yesterday, as temperatures in New York City climbed over 80, a visit to Nolita's La Churreria brought all these sweet memories flooding back, and then some. 

Here, in addition to tapas and Spanish sandwiches, you can order churros dipped in hot chocolate, coated in chocolate, or stuffed with your choice of three fillings. Here's one, sprinkled with sugar and filled with crema. Like a naughty distant cousin to the humble cream puff, it'd make an indulgent, show-stopping breakfast.

Here's another, oozing dulce de leche. Is there any way on earth this could possibly be bad?

I topped out at these two yesterday, but next time I'm in the neighborhood I'm looking forward to sampling the rest. Here's to the beginning of a beautiful summer. 

Visit La Churreria's website, here.

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