Adventures in {SAKE}.

Four months ago, my sister-in-law, Margaux, and I were in Tokyo, visiting cat cafes and trying our darnedest to look like Harajuku girls - starting with our fingernails. This past week, in New York City, we decided to continue our Japan-themed adventures and enroll in a sake class at the Brooklyn Kitchen, a culinary shop and classroom space located in Williamsburg (once again, Course Horse made this process simple as can be).

It's a beautiful space. And look at all of the great classes they offer the rest of the month - I'm especially tempted by this one

Our instructor, Henry Sidel, formerly of Brooklyn Brewery and now the president of Joto Sake, guided us through the fundamentals of sake brewing, tasting, and pairing. I'd always assumed sake was meant to be served only with Japanese food. Apparently, I was wrong. Kimchi, whitefish, chorizo, cheese - the possibilities are seemingly endless (and endlessly delicious).

Over the course of two hours, we sampled nine different kinds of sake. Yes, nine. (Note the rosy cheeks.) My favorite? The Maboroshi Kurobako. At $200 per bottle, it was also the most expensive of the lot.

In the end, all that strenuous sipping paid off. The following night, at dinner with our family, we took the liberty of ordering a bottle of sake for the table. The verdict? Unanimous approval. Star students, if I do say so myself. 

A big thank you to the Brooklyn KitchenJoto Sake, and Course Horse. More from my adventure series, here

See you tomorrow!

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