Sweet Thing: Roberta's.

After tasting the ricotta pancakes at Roberta's for the first time - back when I still lived in Bushwick, a block away from the restaurant's door - I raved to anyone who would listen that they were not only the best pancakes I'd ever had, but one of best breakfasts I'd ever had. Period.

For a time, I worried that I'd talked them up too much, that my friends who were now trekking from all corners of the city to sample the dish for themselves would come away disappointed. But, lo and behold, (most) everyone agreed. Served with brown butter, maple syrup, and smattering of fruit (this time, blueberry), they're slightly crispy on the outside, luxuriously cake-like on the inside. Not technically a dessert - but arguably just as decadent - they're truly in a league of their own.

Note: On my two most recent visits, I received a single, massive pancake instead of the two that previously came with an order - a modification that diminishes the dish's greatness, but only slightly.

Visit the restaurant on Saturdays and Sundays during brunch hours to try for yourselves.


  1. making me read this in the morning is being evil...what a temptation!
    will definitely give it a try!
    xx j

  2. Haha! I know, I got hungry writing it!

  3. looks like i need to make a trip back to the city :)

  4. will you please bring me here when lou and i come to the city?! even one bite of this yumminess will make the whole trip, i can tell!

  5. Sarah - absolutely! I hope this NY trip is happening sometime soon!

  6. Reading this makes me want some so bad, afraid to show and find a line.

  7. Ajlounyinjurylaw - I know, the lines can be a bummer. But it's worth it! :)



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