Sweet Thing: Van Leeuwen.

Might sound crazy, but I think the Van Leeuwen ice cream truck may be stalking me. Every which way I turn, it seems, there it is - sparkling, sunshine-yellow, tempting me with its wares.

Not that I'm complaining. Funnily enough, this is the time of year when I love Van Leeuwen most. There's only one reason I'll stop for a frozen treat on a sub-60 degree day (which, to this California girl, is downright wintry), and that is: Earl Grey ice cream. As far as I know, the flavor is available year-round, but really, it's the perfect autumn indulgence - creamy, heady, as satisfying as a cup of hot tea on a brisk, blowy day. (Just don't forget to bundle up.)


  1. I'm a big fan, but haven't tried their Earl Grey yet. I will definitely now.

  2. this is the one dairy thing i am most curious about!!

  3. Yes, it's a must-try! Natalie P, maybe a vegan Earl Grey ice cream should be our next culinary endeavor...

  4. sounds delicious! and i do believe that ice cream truck drivers are stalkers. i swear, every time we are out and the kids are near meltdown.... yes, we see an ice cream truck and the 'i want! i want! i want!' screaming fit starts up. it never fails. those ice cream men are evil ;) x



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