When it comes to Halloween costumes, I've yet to top the year I went as a table - a picnic table, that is, complete with table-cloth, silverware, and plastic stick-on food. (I was eight). These days, regrettably, I'm not inclined to make as much of an effort, but I do like these D.I.Y. print-out masks from crewcuts, "for kids and kidults alike."

Photo by Rachel Domm via 770 Behind The Line.


  1. a picnic table! that is a great idea! i went as a basket of dirty laundry one year. i had a plastic laundry hamper with holes cut out for my legs, held up by braces and full of clothes (and a laundry detergent box as a hat) oh i love halloween! x

  2. That's so funny - I love that idea! So creative! And Becca, I agree - a print-out mask is just the right amount of effort for me!



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