Happy Birthday To Rue.

A very happy first birthday to Rue Magazine!

I've written regularly for Rue since January, and I can't say enough about what a wonderful experience it's been. I've learned a ton, and met some truly wonderful people along the way. Many thanks to Crystal, Anne, Bri, and Cassandra for making me part of the extended Rue family. 

In this month's issue, I was lucky enough to interview interior designers Virginia Toledo and Jessica Geller of id810 Design Group about the challenges of redefining the bachelor pad.  Read more on page 176. Hope you enjoy!

Photos by the very talented Emily Johnston Anderson for Rue Magazine.


  1. aww happy anniversary ! congratulations ! woo hoo !

  2. so sweet! they are lucky to have you shoko!

    btw, i just read your tips on "ways not to look like a tourist"...taking notes! lol!

  3. Thanks, guys! Jen, I have a feeling you won't be mistaken for a tourist :) So exciting that you'll be here soon!



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