A burst pipe in my apartment building kept me up most of Tuesday night, leaving me bleary-eyed and listless the next day (thankfully, damage to the apartment was minimal). In my sleepy state, these images - part of a series by photographer Jan von Holleben - struck me as, well, positively dreamy.

Photos by Jan von Holleben. Find the rest of the series, and learn the inspiration behind it, on My Modern Met.


  1. did you see the blog milas daydreams? it is this sweet baby in different scenes while she is napping. (similar to this series) it is really cute, but i hope her parents took time to nap while she was napping too! :) x

  2. I'd seen these done with babies before, but the grown-up version might just be more fun.

  3. these look amazing! reminds me of this lovely lady too:

  4. Wayne and Britt - yes, I've seen that and I love it. Such a cute and creative idea!

    Lydia - YOU are so fun! :)

    Natalie - I agree. And I love how happy the girl looks in the photos.

    Charity - that is so cool. Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. some people are so crazy creative, i want to stand next to them and peter petrelli their talents....

  6. Ah haha! LOVE this!! Your blog is great!




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