Sleep, Stitched.

In Sleep Series, Maryam Ashkanian uses pillows, needle, and thread to create sculptural odes to slumber. Looking at these, I thought immediately of The Sleepers, a 1979 project by Sophie Calle, in which the artist invited 28 people into her bed over the course of seven days so that she could document their sleep. I've always loved that — and now these pillow pieces, too — for highlighting the mysteries and the otherworldly nature of sleep, a condition that allows the possibility of being here, and there, and many places in the span of a night.

See more at the artists website, here. Thanks to Design Crush for the intro.


  1. The stitching is so intricate! I imagine I would be too busy staring at the pillow or running my fingers over the stitching to fall asleep!



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