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Every Monday (or in this case, Tuesday), words to start the week. 

This week, via AnOther: a project by Los Angeles artist Adrienne Adar, who attaches speakers to potted plants in order to reveal the greenery's sonic reactions to touch. (Click play on the video above to hear one cactus's cheerful blips and bloops.) "This work is about the subconscious energy plants bring," says Adar. "We know the science and biology of plants but it doesn't mean we know everything about them — there's a real magic to that." More on Adar's website, here.

Three more, just because:
-Pans vs. planets.
-Girls and their cats.
-Food lovers describe their ideal meal. (Beth Kirby wants raw oysters, grilled octopus, and Haribo gummies — in that order; Aran Goyoaga dreams of sourdough with "super yellow butter"; and Louisa Shafia, a girl after my own heart, would like artichokes in mustard, corn on the cob, a cheese plate, rosé, and blueberry pie with ice cream.)

Also: my brother Max is on the Jeaous Curator podcast, Art for Your Ear. Have a listen!

More recommended reading, here.


  1. Oh my goodness. I listened to the podcast last weekend and bought one of his photographs. What a small world!

  2. Cindi, that's amazing! It's a small world indeed.

  3. cactus reminds me a little of elvis. i mean, just sayin.

  4. How cool are plants! Also how cool is your brother what an inspirational dude!(and you make a great bride). Oh and I totally guessed a pan :P AND AND AND I wish I was the person behind girls and their cats! *breathes out*

  5. Paw, you're right!

    Fee, haha, thank you!



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