Goodbye at the Door.

From time to time, I've wondered how my relationship with my parents — to whom I speak nearly every other day — differs from the relationships they had with their own mothers and fathers when they were my age. It's surprised me that even as I approach 30, I still very much need them — in different ways than I did as a child, but important ones nonetheless. In early adulthood, when everything — work, relationships, friendships, homes — has see-sawed, they (and my entire family) have remained firmly in place. As my dad said to me on the phone the other day, "We're your constants."

I came across Angelo Merendino's photo series Goodbye at the Door a while ago, but came back to it this morning. The images, which show Merendino's parents waving as he comes and goes, illustrate the sweetness, the sadness, and the steadiness of evolving family relationships. He writes: "As long as I can remember, my parents have stood by the door and waved goodbye when I would leave. There was never an 'I'll just let myself out.' It was always, 'We'll walk you to the door.'" 

See more at Angelo Merendino's website, here.

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