Brian Paquette on FVF.

So happy to share my latest interview for Freunde von Freunden, which went live this morning. It's with interior designer Brian Paquette of Seattle (the same Brian, incidentally, who's quoted here). I loved hearing his thoughts on art and objects and creating spaces that call on all five senses. My favorite bit of our interview, though, had to do with the importance of remembering our own creativity. 

"Nine to five is not my thing," he says. "On Fridays, our office has 'input days.' Monday through Thursday is devoted to output; Friday is all about input. We read. We go to galleries. We have outside vendors come in to show us new lighting or fabric lines. We’ll go to a new showroom. We’ll look at furniture, jewelry, anything. It’s just about jogging our brains after a week of invoicing and remembering that at the end of the day, we’re creatives."

Find the interview in its entirety on Freunde von Freunden, here. Thanks so much for such a wonderful conversation, Brian! 

Photographs by Dorothee Brand.


  1. I took a day off this week to explore the city, I guess to have an input day and even though I wasn't sure it was the best thing at the time, it definitely turned into the best thing, leaving me super inspired and recharged. So, yup, I'm totally loving how they arrange their work week :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love Brian, love this!

  3. Fee, that's so wonderful! I'd definitely love to start making time for those kinds of things, too — and not just wait for them to happen, but to plan for them, too. Really can't think of a better use of time!



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