At Home at School.

As a former student of a progressive elementary school known for its out-of-the-box thinking, I was immediately struck by the idea behind this Japanese nursery, which was designed to remind children of being at home. Meant to resemble "not a small school, but a big house," its designers were told to think of the space simply in relation to the daily activities of its pint-sized pupils — playing, snacking, running free — rather than as a building meant for educational instruction. 

The end result features cozy, muted classrooms (with not a chart or diagram or alphabet poster to be seen), and two smaller playgrounds as opposed to a single large one. Fascinating.

Photos by Yoshikazu Shiraki. Thanks, Dezeen.


  1. Really amazing. So clean and organized! Remind me of a modern Montessori school.

    - Lucy

  2. I agree with Lacey about the Montessori school resemblance, but Waldorf also comes to mind.

  3. This is amazingly wonderful place for children. Thank you for letting us know.

  4. This is sooooooo nice - and the opposite of the Nursery school I work in!

  5. I love that they wanted it to have a home feel, definitely a nice thinking out of the box approach :)

  6. Love the simplicity - and lack of clutter!



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