Travel Tales.

For someone who spends the bulk of her time writing, I've never been particularly good at the daily practice of journal-keeping (though I've tried and failed, or forgotten, or ripped up entire pages in fits of embarrassment on more than one occasion). Every now and then, though, I stumble across an example of out-of-the-box journaling that makes me want to try again — yesterday, London-based Lizzy Stewart's illustrated travel diaries did just that. 

Below, an entry from Helsinki.

What a wonderful way to remember a trip — by the strength of its coffee, its oddly-shaped fashions, its boat trip freckles. Next time I'm away — these days I'm daydreaming about India, and Japan, and repeat visits to Montreal — I'll (try to) take notes.

A big thank you to The Jealous Curator for the introduction. See more at About Today, here.

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