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Weekend Note / 01.

Weekend notes are short-form POVs.

Over a child-sized cup of hot chocolate at a coffee shop this week, I told a former boss that I wasn't sure what my next move would be, that my ideas these days were vague, and that it was a challenge, sometimes, to see beyond the very narrow bubble we inhabit in New York. "I think these things are on my mind," I said, lowering my voice, "because I just turned twenty-nine." His eyes widened. He feigned shock. "If I had my twenties to do over again," he said a moment later, "I'd do the things that aren't possible for me to do now. Work in an ashram," he told me. "Live on a farm. Meditate. Remember what's good in life. That you and I can meet for coffee. That plants grow. That the sun rises."

Have a wonderful weekend.

Photo via my Instagram.

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