Mirrors & Windows.

A collaboration between photographers Gabriele Galimberti (the artist behind Delicatessen with love and Toy Stories) and Edoardo Delille, Mirrors and Windows explores bedrooms of girls around the world between the ages of 18 and 30.

According to Galimberti's website, these rooms are "where girls read, love, dream, work and play...[they] are mirrors of the history, personality, culture, obsessions and social status of the girls that occupy them, but are also unique windows into [their] worlds."

From top to bottom: Cristina, 23, Colombia; Kai, 23, China; Altidon, 19, Haiti; Sandhini, 31, India; Vanessa, 19, United States; Gessiane and Jessica, 20, Brazil; Mickayla, 23, London; Lena, 24, Ukraine.

What would a photograph of your own space reflect? Mine would feature crowded windowsills; a mess of Polaroids; my giant Pete Townshend print; a (slightly creaky) yellow four-poster bed.
Visit Gabriele Galimberti's website, here, and Edoardo Delille's, here. Thanks, My Modern Met.

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