Double Life.

Tattoos, canoes, flamingos, doorknobs: Sandrine Kerfante's Twin-Niwt is a collection of photographs that celebrates doubles in all shapes, sizes, and sorts.

Also, for those wondering - the word niwtaccording to Urban Dictionary, refers to a best friend who isn't technically a twin. The site offers an example of how to use the word: We're so close, she is my niwt. I'd say my life is full of niwts - and, to make matters more interesting, two of them are also real-life twins. 

Images, clockwise from top: 1) Maja Daniels; 2) Budi Cc-line ; 3) unknown; 4) Gerald Larocque; 5) gaetan rossier [trucnul]; 6) Kristina Petrosiute; 7) Dorota Buczkowska; 8) unknown; 9) Jouk Oosterhof; 10) unknown.

Wishing you a wonderful Monday.

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