Double Life.

Tattoos, canoes, flamingos, doorknobs: Sandrine Kerfante's Twin-Niwt is a collection of photographs that celebrates doubles in all shapes, sizes, and sorts.

Also, for those wondering - the word niwtaccording to Urban Dictionary, refers to a best friend who isn't technically a twin. The site offers an example of how to use the word: We're so close, she is my niwt. I'd say my life is full of niwts - and, to make matters more interesting, two of them are also real-life twins. 

Images, clockwise from top: 1) Maja Daniels; 2) Budi Cc-line ; 3) unknown; 4) Gerald Larocque; 5) gaetan rossier [trucnul]; 6) Kristina Petrosiute; 7) Dorota Buczkowska; 8) unknown; 9) Jouk Oosterhof; 10) unknown.

Wishing you a wonderful Monday.


  1. this is awesome! i had no idea there was a word for this.

  2. I always wanted a twin when I was little. Twins fascinated me. But a niwt is cool too. :)

  3. What an awesome series! Toby is a twin (though not identical; he has a twin sister), and I've become more intrigued by twins since we started dating. When I was a teenager, I wanted a twin brother so I could date his hunky friends (sigh). I love the idea of a niwt, too! I'd never heard of that before. Cool stuff, dude.

  4. Amazing. Two times more beautiful and fun!

  5. Twins are fascinating, but niwts even more so, in my mind. It's amazing to find people in this world who are so in sync with you that they become family.

    Also, every time I see those tiny heart tattoos, I find myself really wanting a tiny heart somewhere on my person! Alas, the permanence of any tattoo worries me.

  6. Brilliantly done! Love.

  7. so lovely. thank you for sharing!

  8. Oooh some of those are so creepy-in a good way!

    I am obsessed with the heart tattoo. I want it so bad, but feel psycho for copying someone else's idea.

  9. Ooooh I just got totally lost in all those images. So cool and almost eerie!


  10. Rachel, haha! I love that.

    Camila, indeed!

    Kathy, I feel the same way. Maybe someday...

    Tara, I say do it! :)

  11. These are so cool! Very inspiring to see people's unique works and imagination..Thanks for sharing it shoko! xo akiko
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