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Happy Holidays.

I'll be taking the next week off from blogging to spend some much-needed time with family and friends here in L.A. I'll be back on January 2nd - I'm already excited to catch up with you then! - but in the meantime, I thought I'd share a few holiday-inspired links in case you're in need of viewing or reading material during the break.

1. First up, Delicatessen with love, a series of photographs by Gabriele Galimberti that depicts grandmothers around the world alongside their delicious-looking cooking - because what would the holidays be without a home-cooked meal? (Thanks, My Modern Met.)

2. Secondly, John Schabel's beautiful and mysterious photographs of airline passengers awaiting takeoff, because so many of us will be - or already have been - there this month. 

3. And lastly - because, well, it is a wonderful life - a slideshow of snapshots from the set of the classic film.

Also, just for good measure, three 2012 "best-of" lists:

-Memorable memes. ("Texts From Hillary" is my favorite.)
-Influential Corgis.
-"Best Bathroom Books of 2012," according to The New York Times.

Thank you so much, lovely readers, for your support this year. As I've mentioned many times, it's been a hard one, but unexpectedly, it's also been one of the best of my life. I'm so happy and blessed to have been able to share it with you. Have a wonderful rest of the month, and I'll see you in 2013!

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