Holiday Gift Ideas: PLAY.

For kids - or, in some cases, kids at heart: a book about the wonderful world of words; a cooking set for make-believe crepes; and a pair of sweet snow-white mittens (with claws!). 

Further, three charities that benefit children:
-First Book, which distributes reading material to needy kids.
-PeacePlayers International, whose mission is to "unite, educate and inspire young people in divided communities through basketball."

Tomorrow, gifts for music fans...


  1. holy bananas that crepe set is the greatest thing ive ever seen... i know my little bug is still way too tiny, but i may have to order it for future gift-giving... or just play with it myself :)

  2. The mittens are adorable and my nephew would love the crepe set... he's a future chef, for sure!

  3. So so cute! I love the mittens and the toy crepe set!

  4. Such a precious gift guide! I have always loved those animal prints. I can never decide on one because they are all so adorable though!

  5. Shoko, your gift guides are absolutely amazing! I can't get over the Crepe set - I think I might have to secretly buy one for myself :) Such great choices!!

  6. you know what I obviously LOVE BEST in this guide right?

  7. Omgeee gloves with claws??? I loved buying gifts for the little ones, and now that i'm an auntie i'm going nuts over the holidays. My niece and nephew need all these. SUper big fan of the wooden toys and I'm pretty sure my niece needs the book sparkle and spin! Thanks for this! (i need to finish shopping!)

  8. Is it a little sad that I want everything on this list? Actually, scratch that-- it's totes amaze.


    You have the sweetest, cutest taste! Please come do my holiday shopping for me :) Will pay you in candy canes.

  9. How cute is that wooden camera and pancake shop set!?
    Ronnie xo



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