Hello again, wonderful readers - I hope you had a restful and restorative few days! (My time at home involved a whole lot of this.) To kick off 2013, here are a few shots from a slideshow curated by TIME LightBox called "Rainbows in the Frame" - I couldn't think of a more apt metaphor for the year we've just left behind.

See the rest of the slideshow, here. Wishing you all an inspiring and adventurous 2013!

(Oh, and I have a new post up at the Equals Record this week, about the bittersweet nature of falling in love with a city that happens to be thousands of miles from home. You can find it here - thank you so much for reading!)

Images: Gene Blevins - Reuters; Qais Usyan - AFP/Getty Images; Narciso Contreras - AP; Frank Franklin II - AP; Michael Nagle - Getty Images.

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