Bored Couples.

Martin Parr's photographs of bored couples need no explanation, and no introduction. Those eyes, those faces - and that very harsh lighting - speak for themselves.

The third one down is priceless. Visit Martin Parr's website, here. More at Magnum Photos

Also, three more links, just because:
-The world's fluffiest bunny.
-An "oddly poetic" army literacy test
-"Being ashamed of your past is absolutely insane." Agreed.

Have a wonderful weekend! What are your plans? I'm still recovering from last weekend's trip - looking forward to powering down for a quieter one this week!


  1. These are great! The third one down is my favorite, too, ha! I also love that fluffiest bunny.

  2. Love these pics, my favorite is also the third one!
    The more realistic!

    Big kiss

  3. hahahahahahaha. this is! and i want to attempt wrapping my arms around that fluffy bunny!

  4. Haha, those sure are funny pictures! After almost 14 years of marriage, I wonder what Nick and I look like to others, when we're out and about. Often he walks ahead of me because it's easier to walk on the narrow sidewalks single file, and I imagine that must look like we're too bored of one another to bother walking together! Lol.

    And how about that fluffy rabit?! Wow.

  5. Nicole & Kathy, my roommate and I were just talking about how much we'd love to have him as a cushion in our living room.

    Loulou, it's nice to know that it's possible these couples just APPEAR to be bored :)

  6. I love that bunny. And I love that quote.

  7. The worlds fluffiest bunny is my fav!
    I don't know how it can see anything!

  8. that rabbit is the best thing ever.

  9. lol this is so great I always love people watching and couples are some of my favourite people :)

  10. laughing out loud at these pictures & that bunny!

  11. These pictures are so great. You know what? I totally prefer seeing two people at a restaurant looking bored than two people at a restaurant on their separate "devices." And that bunny! Ahhhhh!!!!

  12. oh my gosh, hilarious! I bet taking the photos today would involve a lot of iphone usage. that's what i see couples doing rather than talk to each other.



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