The other day at Ikea - a place that, for some reason or another, always seems conducive to evaluating relationships - Lily and I came to a realization. "We've all been so busy lately," she said, of our group of friends. Things were quiet for a few seconds. Then, at the same time, we both said something along the lines of: "We've all been so happy lately." It dawned on us that in the past few months, we've had many ups and downs individually, but often, those ups and downs occurred between all of us at the same time.

Japanese shutterbug Osamu Yokonami's Assembly shows groups of girls in matching dress, frolicking in a variety of outdoor settings. I love the camaraderie it depicts, and the shared experiences of curiosity and awe and loneliness and exhilaration. It all looks, in a way, very familiar.

See more of Osamu Yokonami's photography, here. Thanks, Wolf Eyebrows.

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