It's my birthday today, and I'll be taking today and tomorrow off (from blogging, at least). Before I sign off for the weekend, though, I'd like to send a big thank you to my family, friends, and to you for helping make this past year the best of my life. It was tumultuous and noisy and colorful and ecstatic, full of stories and characters and memories - I've loved sharing it with you. Thank you for letting me.

A few highlights: adventuring with these girls,

 hosting Friendsgiving (which turned into a Tattly-fest),

spending the holidays at home with some of my favorite people (and animals),

revisiting summer camp (twice),

taking leaps,

and, of course, welcoming a new family member.

It's been wonderful. Looking forward to what's next...

PS - Words for the weekend:
-Rilke, via Zivar.
-"What the heart is like" by Miroslav Holub. (Thanks, Kathy.)
-And George Saunders, one more time, for good measure.

See you Monday! Photos via my Instagram, or Max's, or Margaux's, or by notanothertree.

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