Quotes, Clouds, Iconic Sandwiches.

Three things to share for a rainy Friday: "Rap Quotes" posted in their real-life locations,

this very stylish Berliner, who really knows how to strike a pose (thanks, FvonF),

and this quote, via Note to Self.

Further reading/viewing for the weekend:
-Abbey Nova's Cloud Studies for Etsy.
-Iconic sandwiches from around the world, courtesy of Bon Appetit.
-And, in case you missed it, here's the first in a new series of personal reflections I'm planning to feature on Sho & Tell. Starting next week, it'll be a regular feature each week, so please check back!

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend (I'll be paying a visit, weather permitting, to the Brooklyn Flea - very excited), and I'll see you Monday.


  1. Oh my god I love that cute old man! I totally sent the blog to my dad and told him when he gets old that I want him to dress like this! He didn't go for it, sadly....

    That last quote is AMAZING and is EXACTLY how I feel!! I HATE phrases like that. I hate being told "that won't work" or "you can't do that". And I will prove you wrong if it kills me.

  2. Sad to see the mac n cheesesteak was ignored by Bon Apetit.

  3. Every single one of these is so great! That last quote perfectly encapsulates how I feel when people say things like that to me. And I envy that old man and all his hats. Have a great weekend and enjoy the Brooklyn Flea! I wish i could be going, too!

  4. Tara, haha! No red suit for him? :)

    Anon - hi, Luke! - as was I...

    Kathy, I wish you were there, too!

  5. YES to the Philly Mac 'n' Cheesesteak!

  6. Oh that man .. I just want to hug him! The sandwiches were very interesting and hunger inducing.

    Have fun at the flea. It looks like a great place. xo

  7. How energetic and charming is that man!

  8. hi shoko! first time here and commenting! what's strike a cord with me was the quotation you've put up. totally agree with it - that's why i think we need more idealist in the world because as i believe "only the crazy ones are truly the ones who can do it!"

    also to idealise is to actually hope for the better right? and how can people who hope for the better cause any bad in the world? imo, they only make the world a better place!


  9. Jun, thanks so much for your comment! So well said!

  10. yes to that quote!!

  11. That man is too good! And that quote is perfect, the way I felt so many times. Hate it, and also hate when people shouts "calm down!". How the hell someone could calm down while getting such an awful energy from a scream?

  12. Thank you for sharing - I have such a wide space in my heart for old men. My grandfather was rather waspy in his attire, but he did look sharp in an overcoat and fedora.

    Ali clearly has his own edge.

  13. Comments like Mr. Moran's are but the wind eroding your self. They affect you, they mold you, they chew you out, tiny bits at a time, but how you end up is not through their randomness, nor their persistence but how you are inside.

    By the way, i AM a robot. Please, do not hold this against me.



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