12 hrs.

A big thank you to Miss Moss for introducing me to 12 hrs, a unique set of travel guides that aims to show what can be seen, done, eaten, and explored in just twelve short hours. Creators Anna Peuckert and Soren Jepsen (a writer and photographer, respectively) have Hyeres, Copenhagen, Vancouver, and Antwerp covered thus far; Portland and Berlin are coming soon. Below, a few shots from the Antwerp guide:

"We love to travel," say Anna and Soren. "We also love design, and music, and fashion. And we were missing a website full or travel tips for people like us. Somewhere between the backpackers and the luxury hotels. With tips that aren't about money, but about great discoveries from all around the world."

See more, here. Can't wait to see what's next. (I'd love to see features on Tokyo, Bangkok, New Orleans, and Prague - all places I'm hoping to visit soon!)

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