Beguiling Beds.

Beautiful, unusual beds, discovered this week while perusing Pinterest. I love the idea of hanging plants over a bed, though I wonder if the upkeep (and the clean-up) might be more effort than it's worth...

More on beds:
-Lithuanian cat cocoons.

Have a happy Thursday. I'm covering for a friend at her shop here in Williamsburg today - my first time ever working in a store! Wish me luck - that credit card machine makes me nervous.

Top image: Josephine Ryan Interiors; bottom image via Demilked.


  1. Good luck!!!
    I think the same thing about those plants. Pretty. . . but seems like a lot of work.

  2. Ooohh I love the first one!!

    What about an air plant? I used to have one of those near my bed and it's perfect! You just have to spray it with some water every once in awhile, but there's no dirt or anything.

  3. Lithuanians love their handmade felt. And cats. So it's no wonder someone merged the two to make cat cocoons. When I was in Lithuania a few years ago I took a felting workshop - wish we would've made these instead of the sad looking droopy felt flower I ended up with!

  4. Have not successfully nurtured a plant for more than a week. I'm sure this says something about me but seriously though, I do try. Just not always as well as others apparently. (hmm..)

    Good luck with the shop today pretty lady! :)

  5. Love the cat cocoon! I'm wondering what my cat would think of it!

  6. a cat cocoon just SOUNDS amazing.

  7. Auste, I had no idea! Is it strange that I want a cat cocoon even though I don't have a cat?

    Rincy, thank you!

  8. Love these! Falling asleep on any of these beds would be so peaceful...and make getting up in the mornings that much harder! Hope you had a good day in the shop!

  9. WANT that second bed. Bed are the piece of furniture that I care most soon as I have enough money, WATCH OUT WORLD. =]



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