Open Houses.

Three cheers for Victoria Hannan's Other People's Houses, which offers a look into, well, the houses of other people. The black-and-white kitten over the mantle in Anabela Carneiro's beautiful Toronto home caught my attention first (for obvious reasons),

and I love this charming collection of clocks, at photographer Hilda Grahnat's Swedish residence. The mismatched gallery wall is wonderful, too.

Visit Other People's Houses, here, and Victoria's blog (one of my favorites), here. Found via moxee.


  1. Ooh I love the vintage clocks on the shelf! Feel like it would go with a character from a Wes Anderson movie. I wonder if Brooklyn Flea is open so I can search for old clocks!

  2. i love a SLIGHTLY ASKEW picture frame....kgottagospendlike5hoursonotherpeopleshouses.

  3. jiji, the flea is open, but it's at One Hanson Place - you should go and look for clocks this weekend! I agree, they're such a great decor idea.

    Panda Head, enjoy!

  4. I just visited her site and blog and loved it..! The photos are so inspiring and love her style. Thanks for sharing! xo akiko

    Style Imported

  5. The vintage clocks have so much character! I love the color coordinated books behind the clocks.

  6. Halley, I agree, aren't those great?



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