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Every Monday (or in this case, Tuesday), words to start the week. 

This week: striking self-portraits from a series Polish photographer Karolina Jonderko calls Self-portrait with my Mother. Each image shows the artist dressed in secondhand clothing that once belonged to her mother, who died in 2008. "Some say that what one wears is a part of creating one's identity," she says. "My mother, all her life, wore clothes that she hadn't chosen."

Each outfit, put together based solely on Karolina's memory, is accompanied by stunning snippets of remembrance. Of the azure dress pictured at top left, she writes: The departure day. Crowd on the platform. I am clasping my mum's and sister's hands. Suddenly I am rising. It's my mum passing me to my dad through the compartment's window. I am followed by two suitcases. My mum and sister somehow join us. It's crowded and stuffy and like that for the next 14 hours. However, 2 weeks of seaside holidays are a worthwhile prize. Mum has prepared sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes and tea in a 'Wyborowa' vodka bottle; we have 'Happy Minutes' (a children's puzzle magazine in communist Poland). She loves the sea. She travels lost in her thoughts. I think she can already smell the sea and hear the waves and screeching seagulls. Her blue dress may be made from cheap material, but it doesn't crease and dries in 2 minutes — perfect for such journeys.

Read more, here.

A few more, just because:
-"Equality, that's all we're voting for."
-Gems from poet-turned-art-critic John Ashbery.
-Ceviche, rarebit, and other breakfasts from around the world.
-Beautiful words from Russian composer Stravinsky: "I haven't understood a bar of music in my life, but I have felt it."

More recommended reading, here. Have a wonderful Tuesday.


  1. I'm so intrigued by that project! Her writing is really striking.

  2. Mmm, ceviche and arepas for breakfast. Sign me up!

    And, it's amazing what details we end up remembering from our lives. I love the honesty of Karolina's project. Thanks for sharing it :)

  3. I have to try Dan Leader's 4-Hour Baguette. Sounds really amazing (not only for breakfast)!

  4. Kathy, it's my pleasure.

    Camila, I've got my own list going, too!

  5. great breakfast inspiration!



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