So much has been said about the bonds between mothers and daughters (this past week especially, with Mother's Day just behind us), but Rania Matar's portraits communicate what can only be depicted in the shifting of eyes, the angling of chins, the grasping of hands. Rania, whose previous work has focused on women at all stages of life, writes that the photographs reflect both "spoken and unspoken conversation," and the complexities of relationships that grow and change as we do — they are, as Rania describes the series itself, works in progress.

Visit Rania Matar's website, here. Thanks to Lens Culture for the introduction.


  1. that's beautiful. thanks for sharing

  2. this is really cool. big fan of your blog, thanks for alwasy sending this type of stuff our way!

  3. Hena, my pleasure — so glad you liked this as much as I did.

    Tracy, thank you so much for reading!



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