Henry Hargreaves on FvF.

Very happy to share my latest interview for Freunde von Freunden, which spotlights Brooklyn-based food artist Henry Hargreaves. Henry — whose work includes a photographic documentation  of prisoners' last meals; an Instagram feed showcasing the world's best disposable coffee cups; and a portrait of the queen reconstructed in 1400 slices of toast (pictured below) — has this to say on overcoming the fear of how a creative project might be received: "I've learned not to pay so much attention [to that]. That's one of my strengths: I've got a book of ideas and I'm good at making them happen. I figure, if it sucks, it sucks. Some of the most exciting things come of situations where it's a disaster or it just doesn't work out — that's where the fun stuff happens."

Select photos are also featured on ZEIT Online, under a headline that Google translates quite charmingly to "Art is through his stomach.") Find the interview in its entirety, here.

Visit Henry Hargreaves's website, here. Photographs by Brandon Schulman.

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Thanks so much for reading!


  1. Love this! Thanks for the intro.

  2. sweet site! sweet words!

  3. Interesting! I need to adopt the if it sucks, it sucks attitude

  4. I love his coffee cup project! That Coffee Cup print in his apartament is really amazing. Great interview!

  5. Natalie, I could use a little of that from time to time, too...

    Camila, you can find them here!

  6. Great interview! Thanks for highlighting this artist.

  7. Really enjoyed reading this interview. I had many "Ha!" moments going through his projects. Creative minds and inspiring words. Great interview.

  8. Such a good interview! I love his attitude towards his work and his thoughts on food.

    I was just thinking over the weekend that I didn't want to throw away one of my coffee cups because it was so nice (there was a woolly mammoth on it from a place called Dinosaur in LA), but then didn't really know what to do with it if I kept it. I'm so glad he is documenting it all! I'll have to remember to take photos of the next interesting cup I get to send in.

  9. loved the interview and love the photos, especially NO SECONDS and the music series and on and on.

  10. Kathy, you should submit one!



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