True Selves.

The This Is Me: Self Identity Project encourages teenage girls to rethink what a selfie should look like, and gives them the tools to take portraits that are bold, creative, mindful, and adventurous. (As a fan of anything involving foliage on faces, I particularly like the first one, pictured below.) 

"It's about playing with different ways of looking at one's self and that there's more than one way to...look beautiful," says artist and project co-founder Simone Darcy. "We wanted to give them confidence that they don't have to fit a specific mold and do what everyone else is doing on Facebook." 

Read more at the Newcastle Herald, here. Thanks, Design Taxi. 


  1. L O V E this! i'm telling you, if Rookie had been around when I was a teenager I feel like I might now be a vastly cooler adult.

  2. I approve of anything that helps lift the pressure off needing to look good or a certain way.

  3. what a wonderful idea.

  4. This is lovely! What a nice gift for those girls.



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