Grandpa's Photos.

Dave Tomkins launched his beautiful website Grandpa's Photos in the hopes of helping his aging grandfather, Stephen Clarke, remember where he shot the photographs he'd taken over the course of an adventure-filled lifetime. Clarke had just been admitted to a nursing home when the photos were found and had trouble remembering the stories behind them - so his grandson decided to post one hundred of the images online and ask the public for help in pinpointing their locations. "The hope is simply that people will appreciate [the photos] and share them, making him, if only in my book, great at one more thing," he wrote.

Sadly, Clarke has since passed away, but Tomkins is still on the hunt for hints, and plans to visit the locations he finds to pay homage to the past in person.

As the granddaughter of three amazing individuals who spent the last years of their lives with Alzheimer's, this project strikes such a personal chord. Visit Grandpa's Photos, here, and lend clues if you can.

Photos by Stephen Clarke.

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