Dish Disco.

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What better way to start the day than with a dance? For those too bleary-eyed to bust a move before breakfast, let ceramicist Lydia de la Pinera do the legwork - she'll add some can-can to your coffee, a little two-step to your toast. Shop more at La Malconttenta, here.


  1. This makes me smile :) What a wonderful addition to plain meals. And the humans on the mugs and plates above look so content!

    Happy tuesday, shoko! Your blog is SO lovely and homey- the highlight of all my weekdays :)

  2. and now I want to dance :)

    Love these!

  3. So cute. My mom got me in the habit of mis-matched dishes, which is way more fun than a matching set. I know these aren't mis-matched, but I would buy a plate or a mug to add to my collection.

  4. These are beautiful!

  5. sw, thank you so much! So sweet of you to say.

  6. The thought of finding that dancing couple at the end of a bowl of soup or cereal makes me smile.



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