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Books Illustrated.

Bob Eckstein's illustrations of New York City bookstores - complete with historical notes and anecdotes - are wonderful. I have so much affection for my neighborhood bookstore and had favorites in LA and Santa Cruz when I lived in those cities, too - as much as I love finding great material online, there's nothing quite like the thrill of browsing a book aisle, or the pleasure of turning a page.

View all of Eckstein's bookstores, here. (Part two is coming soon.)

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-Lynda Barry on why the arts matter: "For some reason, we think that poetry is this thing you do on the side, once you get your math done or your science done. Same thing with writing or any of the things we call “the arts” – there’s this idea that they’re just an elective, they’re just decoration, and they have nothing to do with our survival … or why we can stand to be here. That’s the reason I’ve made it to 53 – because of finding these things that poetry or painting or place contain. That’s the stuff of mental health, and we ignore it at our peril."

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