Dez's Digs.

Dez'Mon Omega Fair is a watercolorist, a collector of hats, a self-professed aggressive biker, and a cherished friend - to me, and to everyone who knows him. He's also the subject of my my fifth feature for Berlin-based interiors site Freunde von Freunden. Dez's Bushwick apartment is full of treasures, including plants and paints and pins and a prominently displayed pair of Batman-print underwear. Also, a turtle lives in a tree in his kitchen. Yes, you read that correctly.

Of being called a hipster, Dez says, "If that's a term that people use to describe a person who wants to look as individual as they feel, then I guess it's an appropriate word for me. I may be hipster-ish, but I'm also a lot of other things that are less obvious…I've been this way as long as I can remember. If this is what hip is, then I've been hip all my life."

Read the full interview on Freunde von Freunden, here. Find my past FvonF interviews, here. Photos by the wonderful Nick Vorderman. 

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